>Data Sharing policies for stem cell researchers

>Also see Stem Cell Bioinformatics
A Data Sharing policy for stem cell researchers at the Harvard Stem Cell Institute is required
In the longer term, we seek to establish a Stem Cell Commons that is accesisble and represents an environment for the broader Stem Cell Community.

Our community within the Institute of over 70 laboratories seeks to share its data in a uniform manner. However each group has researchers who value privileged pre-publication access. Postdoctoral students wish to study their data, but aspects of their data may not be explored by them. This same data can be integrated in the context of other datasets from other researchers.

Available policies
BMC publications
12 Steps to creating a Data Sharing Policy (biosharing.org)
SAGE commons Goals and Principles of human data sharing
Current SAGE commons data sharing policy
NIH Genomics data sharing policy devleopment
Wellcome Trust policy
Prepublication data sharing (Nature)
Interview With Susanna-Assunta Sansone (Susanna drives standards development in the community)
Access to Stem Cells and Data: Persons, Property Rights, and Scientific Progress (Science)

What are the rules under which data can be contributed?
– shared ?
What are the rules under which those who access Stem Cell Commons data?
What Principles to govern the commons sharing, and the visitors and contributors to the commons?
What plan to communicate and engage the wider community in the Commons?

Probably, we wil establish a data sharing working group that will clarify the mandate, and review available policies. Subsequently it will establish a straw dog policy for discussion and executive review.
Importantly, it is yet to be established to whom, and under what constraints the data policy will be applied.

Initially, the policy may be applied to researchers contributing data to the HSCI internal commons. As this policy has the bugs worked out, we will seek to expand the policy to the Stem Cell Commons, which itself will be provided once we have completed development of the Commons Principles.


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I develop and use computational biology approaches to impact global public health in research such as understanding of stem cell biology, systematics of cellular profiling and complex diseases.
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