Science in the South – Bioinformatics thrives in Africa

Archbishop Desmond Tutu opened a new biosciences building at the University of Western Cape, South Africa in 2010 – in celebration of the combined support of the Atlantic Philanthropies and the SA Department of Education. Alan Christoffels, acting director, gave a presentation on the state of Bioinformatics at the National Institute.

Bioinformatics is really cooking in Africa – and SA is no slouch. After the recent ISCB-ASBCB joint conference on bioinformatics, held recently in Cape Town, the scene is set for a pro-active jump forwards in quality and impact of Public Health Bioinformatics. Training workshops were held simultaneously at SANBI’s (South African National Bioinformatics Institute) new premises – and the Bioinformatics meeting shared and was preceded by African Human Genomics and Genetics meetings.

Recently, the H3 Africa initiative has called for information on existing and future networks in Bioinformatics. Over 30 institutions, together under co-ordination by Nicky Mulder at UCT, put in a consolidated document – showing the strength of Pan-African teamwork in development of the key aspects of genomics we need – bioinformatics for our public health.


About winhide

I develop and use computational biology approaches to impact global public health in research such as understanding of stem cell biology, systematics of cellular profiling and complex diseases.
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