Africa Building – the H3 Bioinformatics Network is proposed

The outlook is getting brighter for ICT in Africa. The recent announcement of a European Community funded project to improve health informatics and ICT in a group of African countries sounds as if it might have legs.

We’ve just put together a Pan-African proposal for Bioinformatics networking to support African Health Genomics. This is for submission to the National Institutes of Health Genome Research Institute. If its successful it will be Africa’s first dedicated health bioinformatics network – dedicated to building and sustaining local capacity.

I can’t wait.


About winhide

I develop and use computational biology approaches to impact global public health in research such as understanding of stem cell biology, systematics of cellular profiling and complex diseases.
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One Response to Africa Building – the H3 Bioinformatics Network is proposed

  1. Rosebud Wells says:

    Hi Winston,

    We met when I was a grad student at Tuskegee a decade ago! I currently manage the MS program in Bioinformatics @ NYU-Poly. I want to be involved in any bioinformatics intiiative on the continent. I can be reached @


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