Personal genomes and social networking – my spit is your date

According to Richard Resnick in his TED talk we will match genomes online to find compatible (cousins) – but what if we will find matches to likely partners? Entirely likely now that the cost of genome sequencing is trending towards “absolute zero“. With the upcoming mass consumer market gaining access to its genome code we face the true host of unknown outcomes.

I’m so positive of this because we simply have such primitive understanding of the relationships between code and actual meaning.

I have a cunning plan as to how to decipher that meaning and anyone who wants to learn more is welcome to contact me or join in my search – but one way we aren’t going to find it is by connecting dots – and right now that’s the method we use: a dot for this lung cancer gene a dot for that gene in this statistically rigorous study – all gene and genome dots but no picture to connect them together.

We need a systematic plan for the picture made up by the genome dots – and it’s not going to be systems biology as we are doing it now – its going to be a fusion of systematics and good old functional genomics.

Enough buzz words? Well – we need to start looking at the pathways that make up life in a systematic way. These are as ancient as the genomes that code for them. Using evolution to figure out genome coding and disease  makes a whole lot of sense to me.


About winhide

I develop and use computational biology approaches to impact global public health in research such as understanding of stem cell biology, systematics of cellular profiling and complex diseases.
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