Human genome has gone from What, to Where and When

Today’s Nature has published our article that describes a comprehensive, detailed map of the way genes are active across the major cells and tissues of the human body.

The findings describe the complex networks that govern gene activity – detailing each promotor for each gene, and showing how it is active in each cell type. In parallel we’ve developed a program (CAGExploreR) that allows the detection of how promotor use changes as you go from each type of cell to each other type of cell. This is the clearest picture yet of how human genes are regulated in the vast array of cell types in the body – work that should help people target genes linked to disease.

This means that we can see in detail exactly where genes are initiating their activity in each major cell type in the body. Now we know where to look for genes that may be related to disease in for instance, dendrites, neurons, macrophages, skin cells …

The release is here and the article is here



About winhide

I develop and use computational biology approaches to impact global public health in research such as understanding of stem cell biology, systematics of cellular profiling and complex diseases.
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