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‘Occupy Science’: Sage Commons Congress marching to the transformation of attitude to biomedical research

Working on a project with an incredible sense of joy – imagine that? Bioscience? Well this is a battle of attitude – share your data, attribute contribution by DOI links to the data you deposit, share your methods in real … Continue reading

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Commons sharing – buzz at this years Translational Bioinformatics Conference

Our work on a stem cell commons – an as-open-as-you-choose sharing data system for placing stem cell molecular and experimental information into context was shared with the community by Shannan Ho Sui – the program director- at the TBI last week. … Continue reading

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Cloud Biocumputing just for you

Brad Chapman in my group here published his blog – ‘blue collar bioinformatics’ where he describes the progress being made in online accessible cloud instances (private to you) of analytical environments for bioinformatics. Look for BioCloud Central where users, having established an Amazon account, can fill … Continue reading

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A right to access and a duty to reciprocity – GISAID sets the paradigm

There is imbalance between research capacity at the geographic source of infectious agents and remote laboratories that perform analysis. Working with labs on the global molecular profiles of infectious diseases is an issue for researchers and governments in developing countries … Continue reading

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